about us

Hello, I’m Gerard (pronounced Jared😉) and I’m Irish, living in the US with my Australian wife, two boys and puppy Bailey! I left the fast paced and demanding corporate world not long after my eldest son Jacob was diagnosed with Autism, he wasn’t expected to ever talk so we decided having one parent at home was what was best for him (follow our story on Instagram and see how far he has come!) .

We love personalized products and believe that kid’s artwork is a memory that is treasured forever! Our Inspiration for myartworkplate, comes from our boys who needed a little fun added to mealtimes paired with the constant struggle to buy gifts for kids who already have everything.

As parents, when shopping for Jacob & Ollie we look for stuff that is unique, durable, and fun but isn’t going to break the bank and we hope that’s what “myartworkplate” is for you! We love to see our products being used to celebrate your family and friends which is why we have purposely made 75% of our products $20 or below.

We are so grateful for what we have and as part of our business, we wanted to give back to local communities and support them raising funds. This is how our fundraising model began.

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