fundraising faq's

Tell me how it works?

Email us to register and we’ll assign you a code specific to your organization. Then download this flyer and send it home with the kiddos or email the parents directly… for best results do both! Parents place their orders directly on our website using your unique code to link their order and you get 20% profit of every product they buy.

There’s no collecting orders, sorting out money, separating products or marking off lists for delivery. We deal directly with the parents and you just watch your fundraising dollars soar.

How much does it cost to run the fundraiser?

It costs absolutely NOTHING – In fact, there is very little effort on your part at all (we know you are busy supporting our kids). Simply register for your unique code, send the letters home to parents, and wait for your check to arrive in the post. It really is that easy!

How much money does our school or organization make?

You make 20% profit on every product sold and the great news is that this is ongoing – when parents come back and order again and again, as long as they enter your code, you will receive the profit. We suggest sending reminder emails each quarter to remind parents.

Can parents order more products after the fundraiser has finished?

That’s the beauty of this fundraiser, it never ends. All past orders are kept in our customers’ accounts so parents can reorder the same or additional products at any time, and you will continue to receive the profits for as long as they are ordering.

When is the best time of year to run a fundraiser?

You can run our fundraiser at any time of the year – it’s not a “one & done” program so the sooner you start, the sooner your fundraising profits start benefiting you. We do suggest resending a reminder out to parents quarterly and in September to boost your profits as they begin their holiday shopping. 

What if we want to sell your products with our school logo on them?

No problem, we can set up a mini shopping site for you and your community and you just need to email them the link – Contact us and let's chat !